Thermal Insulation an application we use to help maintain and control temperatures of extreme hot and cold for both equipment and pipework. This provides results in not only the reduction of Carbon Emissions but can also have considerable benefits when it comes to the savings on operating costs of equipment and machinery.

Ezi Fab & Insulation specialize in the insulating of equipment and pipework for not only the purpose of maintaining the temperature but also to help increase the safety of employees or the public, or those whom may come into contact with the extreme hot or cold pipework or equipment. There are various types of insulation used in the application for personal protection and enabling efficient control when it comes to maintaining these extreme temperatures. To name a few we regularly use rockwool insulation, glasswool insulation, polystyrene and insulation mats. These industrial insulation applications we use for equipment such as tanks, vessels, flues and boilers. The insulation used for each job may vary according to project needs and specifications. In most cases the equipment and pipework we insulate we then install fabricated cladding or sheathing which gives protection to the insulation from the environment. Together the insulation and cladding give the best results for minimizing heat loss, containing cold temperatures and for the use of personal protection.

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