Ezi Fab Scaffolding

New industrial and commercial projects require specific and often customised scaffolding needs.

Ezi Fab Scaffolding are able to complete all your scaffolding requirements for each individual project needs, large or small.

We have partnered with:

Types include:

Scaffolding for Commercial Pipework scaffolding Industrial scaffolding Scaffolding for civil projects Scaffolding for residential projects
Applications include:
  • Industrial Scaffolding
  • Commercial Scaffolding
  • Residential Scaffolding
  • Builders/ Architects/Home renovators
  • Maintenance/Shutdowns
  • Gas/Oil and Energy
  • Civil Construction
  • Confined Spaces
  • Mining
  • Defence force
  • Agriculture
  • Transport

Projects we’ve made Ezi

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Our manufacturing, installation and ongoing maintenance of industrial solutions including insulation and cladding of pipework, tanks and vessels, sandblasting and painting of pipework and scaffolding solutions to meet your project requirements.