Family owned and operated since 2005

Ezi Fab & Insulation have always been specialists in cladding of pipework and equipment, fabrication of metal and all industrial insulation applications for the past 16yrs working alongside large corporations in the oil and gas industry.

Now we provide a whole lot more to suit your project needs.

Whether it's installation, ongoing maintenance, hire of labour for shutdowns or just the supply of fabricated cladding or metal parts and fittings let us partner with you for your next project.

We now have the capability to provide a range peripheral services, across all industrial industries, and pride ourselves on providing seamless service and quality workmanship, and have a No. 1 rating when it comes to safety.


Projects we’ve made Ezi

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Our manufacturing, installation and ongoing maintenance of industrial solutions including insulation and cladding of pipework, tanks and vessels, sandblasting and painting of pipework and scaffolding solutions to meet your project requirements.