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We provide all pipework fabrication, cladding and lagging services for your industrial and commercial projects

Specialising in cladding and sheathing of pipework for a range of industrial applications.

What is cladding?

In most cases the equipment and pipework we insulate we then install fabricated cladding or sheathing which gives protection to the insulation from the environment. Various metals are used dependant upon the individual project requirements.

Together the insulation and cladding give the best results for minimising heat loss, containing cold temperatures and for the use of personal protection.


We have partnered with:
Insulation and Cladding Pipework

Types include:

Stainless steel Aluminium Galvanized Colourbond Cladding & Sheathing Zincalume
Applications include:
  • Oil and process gas pipework cladding
  • Chilled and hot water pipework cladding
  • Tanks and road tankers
  • Boilers and vessels
  • General sheetmetal fittings and supply of parts
  • Large Duct, exhausts and mufflers

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Our manufacturing, installation and ongoing maintenance of industrial solutions including insulation and cladding of pipework, tanks and vessels, sandblasting and painting of pipework and scaffolding solutions to meet your project requirements.